Registered Agent & Global Corporate Filing Services We Offer

When running a business, complying with the regulations of local, state, and federal governments around the world is an absolute must. Corporate filings are the documents and information that companies need to provide in order to establish and maintain good standing. Depending on the jurisdiction, these documents can include annual registration renewals, corporate amendments, merger filings, dissolutions and withdrawals, and more.


Ensure Compliance: Reliable Registered Agent Services

Use 3H Corporate Services for registered agent services and you can rest easy at night. Wherever you do business, domestically or globally, we’ve got you covered. If you receive service of process anywhere in the world, you’ll be notified promptly and without delay. No dropped balls, no excuses, no apologies. Just fast, reliable, courteous service you can count on.

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Reduce Your Risk

In a majority of states, a registered agent (RA) is required when you register your LLC or corporation. Your RA receives service of process (SOP) on your behalf and works closely with the 3H Corporate Services team to notify you promptly. We'll always notify you of SOP in a timely fashion.

Additionally, our team handles the filing of annual reports, tax returns, and other important documents. We pride ourselves on being timely and accurate to reduce your risk of noncompliance and to help avoid penalties or late fees.


Stay Up-to-Date With Varying State Requirements

The right Corporate Services partner can help businesses navigate the complexities of corporate filings. Our team stays updated on all of the latest requirements in all 50 states, U.S. jurisdictions, and globally, so you don’t have to worry about your corporate filings being outdated or containing the wrong information.


Save Time & Money

Our clients consistently identify two qualities that we bring to the table: affordability and value. We get things right the first time with minimal back-and-forth and maximum speed. Plus, we deliver courteous, professional white glove service at rates you’d expect to pay more for anywhere else.

Global Corporate Filing Services We Offer

Business Formation – Incorporation

Let us help guide your business through the process of incorporating or forming a limited liability company. This means creating a separate legal entity recognized by the state, giving your business more credibility and potential for growth. It sets your business apart from the individuals who own it and transforms the way it is seen by the law, customers, vendors, investors, and employees. Trust in our expertise to help grow your business and establish a long-lasting relationship with us.

3H Corporate Services provides comprehensive assistance in business dissolution and withdrawal - two crucial processes that are essential for businesses looking to wind up operations or relocate. Our expertise in business consolidation can also help you reduce costs while streamlining workflows, generating significant savings in the long run. Trust us to handle the extensive planning required for these processes, while you focus on growing your business in new directions.

If your business is growing and tackling new initiatives, you may want to consider creating a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) – a separate company that can manage financial risks and undertake risky ventures independently. At 3H Corporate Services, we have a deep expertise of the increasingly complex compliance obligations that come with setting up an SPV. Our expert, customized solutions will help you create an SPV that meets your specific business requirements.

We provide expert guidance to companies during their formation and growth, assisting them in navigating the complexities of foreign qualification and registration. If your corporation or LLC does business outside of your state of incorporation or formation, you may need to register in those states. 

Factors that determine if your company is conducting business outside of its original state of incorporation or formation vary from state to state.  These factors include but are not limited to having a physical office in the state, having employees located in the state, and/or deriving income from sources within the state. If you are unsure whether a foreign qualification is necessary for your business, it is best to seek professional advice from a legal or financial expert.

The name you choose to do business under, if other than your legal name, is commonly referred to as a doing business as (DBA) name - and is also a valuable business asset. It is a smart business strategy to register your use of the DBA with the appropriate city, county, and/or state authorities because it guarantees your exclusive right to use the DBA where it is registered.

Maintaining your DBA registration is vital to safeguarding your business name. 3H Corporate Services can help ensure your registrations are up to date and in good standing. We work with agencies, brokerages, and companies of all sizes and sectors to protect their intellectual property portfolios. Trust us to safeguard your business name and assets.

In order to ensure compliance with state regulations, corporations and LLCs are required to have a registered agent who serves as their official point of contact with the state. This individual or company is responsible for receiving legal documents and official communications and forwarding them to the appropriate entity. Failing to adhere to this requirement can result in serious consequences, such as administrative dissolution, withdrawal, or default legal judgment being levied against your company. Our team of experienced professionals can serve as your registered agent for all of your entities and help you avoid any potential legal issues.

A majority of states mandate an annual or biennial periodic report be submitted to the Secretary of State, which may include providing or updating information pertaining to address, ownership, officers, registered agent, revenue, assets, stock, and paid-in capital.

Managing these reporting obligations can be a tedious and intricate task, often consuming an enormous amount of time, energy, and resources. This is especially true for organizations that comprise multiple entities operating in multiple states.  We competently handle these reports and filings for you using a combination of our team of managed services experts and state-of-the-art proprietary software platform.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Dave Quinn



"I cannot overstate the value of their recommendations. They approached us with a strategy to change the way we manage our annual licensing fees. In the past, they all came up at roughly the same time which required us to come up with a lot of cash to cover them. Now, we’re paying out smaller amounts each month, which is much easier for our business to manage. It’s really valuable to have the kind of knowledge, expertise, and technology the 3H team puts to work on our behalf."

Amy Farnes

Tax Manager, Finance

Hamilton Company

“Initially, I handled origination and renewal licensing for about 7 entities myself. But there were so many other things I wanted to focus on. So, I engaged a large and well-recognized company to manage licensing and compliance for us. Unfortunately, they proved to be expensive, hard to get ahold of and offered only a difficult-to-navigate portal.

Wow, what a difference with 3H Corporate Services! Your fees are reasonable, the portal is tremendous, and the people are just terrific. Thank you so much for all your help. I honestly don’t what I would do without you. Wish I had found your company sooner!”

Chris Peterson


Chris-Leef General Agency, Inc.

“We started working with 3H in 2014, following multiple referrals. At that time, we had just acquired an agency and were looking for a way to eliminate liability associated with insurance compliance-related filings. The cost analysis of having to undertake this work internally didn’t make economic sense and so we engaged 3H. Our decision to do so has proved to be beneficial and very valuable; we have been extremely impressed with their services ever since.”


Coryn Thalmann


Jimcor Agency, Inc.

“We have been working with 3H Corporate Services for over 18 years. They have been doing all our licensing since then and we have never had a problem. They are extremely reliable, and therefore, we never have to follow up or worry that our license did not get renewed. When we have had an inquiry, they are and have been extremely responsive and courteous. I highly recommend them.”

Mikhail Stoliarov, Esq.


Stoliarov Law Group

“I was referred to 3H Corporate Services by a friend who’s an associate at a large, prestigious firm that also uses you. And I can see why. The team is very professional, the turnaround is quick, and the service is prompt and courteous. Your services are very reasonably priced, and I know I can count on you to ‘get it done.’”

Les Ross

Executive Vice President

Jencap Group

“The overall compliance topic is very important to our Group, including the core issues of ensuring that we have appropriate licenses and business registrations – and that they are properly maintained in a centralized/uniform manner. The 3H team has played an instrumental role in working with us to establish a national protocol that effectively addresses these elements of our compliance effort.”

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