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The winning solution is provided by the team which clearly understands the problem and best applies their knowledge and expertise to overcome the challenges presented. 

~The 3H team


We offer the resources and support that helps empower entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and large and small businesses to thrive


We are compliance experts in all corporate matters with an insurance specialization.


We are your one source for everything insurance related and corporate income tax.


We offer a broad array of consulting services including those centered around M&A, rebranding, corporate consolidation and restructuring as well as corporate compliance reviews.


3H is an industry leader in the insurance regulatory compliance Guidance and insurance licensing managed services space. Since our formation in 2003, we have worked hard to bring together an array of experts in various areas, including: insurance licensing compliance, law, and accounting to provide a complete solution which is individually tailored to accommodate each client’s specific needs and budget. We provide our clients with a worry-free management solution for all their producer licensing needs.  

At our core, we strive to help businesses understand and comply with the insurance lawsinsurance codesinsurance rules and insurance regulations that govern their operations. Our tailor-made insurance licensing managed services benefit both our new and established clients in a number of ways, including: initial and annual cost savings (potentially amounting to tens of thousands of dollars annually), and centralized insurance, legal and corporate compliance filing solutions under one umbrella and one platform. Our insurance licensing managed services also include consulting services which have been brought to bear on matters such as corporate restructuring, consolidation, and rebranding projects for our clients who are comprised of the largest multi-billion dollar insurance agencies and brokerages in the country .


Gary and Beth Harker
discuss how 3H Corporate Services came to life

3H Corporate Services, LLC is focused on providing exceptional corporate, compliance and consulting services. We make this possible by consistently maintaining quality and hands-on relationships with our clients. We are here to help with all of your business needs and are committed to the highest standards of integrity, excellence, and performance.

Client Testimonial

Here’s what our clients have to say:

We started working with 3H in 2014, following multiple referrals,. At that time, we had just acquired an agency and were looking for a way to eliminate liability associated with insurance compliance related filings. The cost analysis of having to undertake this work internally didn’t make economic sense and so we engaged 3H. Our decision to do so has proved to be beneficial and very valuable; we have been extremely impressed with their services ever since.

Chris Peterson

Chris-Leef General Agency, Inc.

The overall compliance topic is very important to our Group, including the core issues of ensuring that we have appropriate licenses and business registrations – and that they are properly maintained in a centralized/uniform manner. The 3H team has played an instrumental role in working with us to establish a national protocol that effectively addresses these elements of our compliance effort.

Les Ross

Executive Vice President
Jencap Group

We have been working with 3H Corporate Services for over 18 years. They have been doing all our licensing since then and we have never had a problem. They are extremely reliable, and therefore, we never have to follow up or worry that our license did not get renewed. When we have had an inquiry, they are and have been extremely responsive and courteous. I highly recommend them.

Coryn Thalmann

Jimcor Agency, Inc.

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