Alaska | Recent Changes for CE Requirements


RECENT CHANGES TO 3 AAC 23.208(9), 3 AAC 26.770, 3 AAC 26.775, 3 AAC



The division recently promulgated regulations to update continuing education requirements and

disclosures for annuity products in compliance with national standards. As this was adopted from

NAIC Model Regulation #275, twenty-seven states have implemented the new training

requirements. This bulletin provides clarity on the effective dates for compliance.

The regulations will become effective November 23, 2023. Continuing education providers have

from November 23, 2022, to January 15, 2023, to update the courses to comply with the new

training requirements. The division has created a course group called “Annuity Training – Best

Interest” in SBS. All providers must submit updated courses to this new course group.

January 15, 2023 will mark the start of provider compliance with the new continuing education

requirements. Courses that do not meet the requirements will be discontinued from the rosters on

January 15, 2023.

The window between January 15, 2023, and July 15, 2023, is to provide producers with six

months to comply with the new training requirements. If a producer is already in compliance

with the new requirements, they do not need to re-take their courses.

The effective date for providing the new disclosure forms as required by 3 AAC 26.775 is July

15, 2023.

Producers who have not complied with the previous training requirement will have until July 15,

2023 to comply with the new training. Producers that have already completed a four-hou

annuity training under the old regulations must complete either an additional one-hour course or

a four-hour annuity training course.