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Company Culture


Listen to Gary Harker Esq., founder & CEO 
talk about the frame work of the company culture derived from The 15 Commitements of Conscious Leadership

Our Guiding Principles

“If we aren’t learning, why are we here?”

At 3H Corporate Services, we seek to create at atmosphere in which everyone is encouraged to pursue being their best selves here at work and in life.

Work and life are meant to be experienced. If we learn to embrace what and who is in front of us in any given moment as an opportunity to learn, then we expand our self-awareness and grow into our highest potential – each person and as a company.

I look upon myself and my teammates kindly. I don’t blame myself or anyone else. Instead I take responsibility for my choices and actions, for my own well being and I support others in doing the same. We practice this, and support each other when we forget, so that every challenge can truly be an opportunity.

A balanced lifestyle at work and at home is essential for a peaceful, productive and happy existence. We support each person to practice mindfulness and explore this approach at an individual and group level. Whether it be meditation, yoga, writing, walking, being outside or whatever nurtures your mind, body and spirit are important to us here at 3H Corporate Services.

We are most effective, creative, and engaged when we recognize that we don’t have to do things the hard way. We are at our best when we are enjoying ourselves and having fun. When we maintain our perspective and don’t take ourselves too seriously, we create amazing things.

We are seeking an authentic culture where each person can come as they are, and everyone feels supported to learn and grow. We believe integrity is of utmost importance which is why we cherish honesty at all levels. There is no challenge we cannot embrace when we are honest first with ourselves, and in all of our endeavors and interactions.

There are many ways our company can grow but in order to do so while also becoming our best selves we will continue to invest in personnel, programs and technologies which help each member of our team, and the team itself, create an environment which is conducive to a more conscious way of perceiving and relating to the world as an ally for our growth.

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